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Technology, Manufacturing process and Marketing:
Keratech availed the Indian technology of C.F.T.R.I i.e. Centrifugal and DME Technology of Dr. Dan of Australia.
Indian Technology
Under the Indian Technology Coconut has been de-husked, parted, water is removed and put into disintegrator for crushing. The kernel is then put into the squeezing machine. The milk thus obtained is kept in a cool room for twelve hours by adding an enzyme. Coconut milk will be taken into a centrifugal machine by rotating under high RPM. Oil, water and protein are separated. The Oil is then bottled, Labeled and made ready for marketing.

DME System
Under DME technology the kernel passes through a thermal drier for twenty minutes and filled into cylindrical equipment which has hundreds of micro holes. The cylinder is filled and then with a hand press the Oil is separated. The oil will be filtered, bottled and labeled and made it ready for marketing. The entire process will take only thirty minutes.

Marketing Strategy
Keratech has a network of marketing team consisting of a General Manager, Sales Manager, and a Sales Executive almost all district of Kerala.Outside Kerala also we do have a network.
Keratech have exported Virgin Plus to U.K,U.S.A Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Newzealand, Singapore etc
Keratech supports the farmers
The small and medium coconut farmers are helped by Keratech. We  purchase coconut from the yard always at a higher price of 10 to 15 % and also at ready cash .So that farmers need not wait for weeks to get their money from the middle man and copra merchants. Keratech generates employment opportunities in the rural areas particularly uneducated woman We also focus on the economic development and self sufficiency of the poor people in and around local area.

Keramithra Bhavan, Thrissur-680615,
Ph: 0487-2290300, 2294515.
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Quality Standards & Certifications
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